Plunder Incorporated Lyrics

Artist: Animosity

In a world just dying for a little bit of love, is this all really what we need?
The trampling, the rape, the deceit, the deterioration, the weakening.
I would say that I refuse but now it's nearly impossible to defy the stronghold that they have on us.
Malpractice becomes too common.
And since it costs less for them to feed us cancer, begin your goodbyes and prepare your will.
In the face of all life in decline we give them tax cuts as punishment for their crimes.
Destroyer of worlds for the rest of time.
The corporation means the end of mankind.
I won't accept domination.
I won't accept livelihood and you blood.
I want to see you monsters fail, but it's too hard to take on them all.
What the fuck have we done?
What the fuck have we done?
And they need your money now even if it means that a few thousand more starve or are grossly deformed or are born without eyes.
I look ahead on our path and all I see is fucking doom.
Plunder and Rape.
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