Move Your Body Uk Airplay Mix Lyrics

Artist: Maxx

Rap 1:
Got ya messin' with me ting and it feel Irie
Like the riddim o' de bass ya shake me coconut tree
Me am the luu junkie ya me addiction
Gal gimme some more sex education
Come get alive gal lay down on me
Wipe me up and down with ya sexy body
Jump up on me lolly for ya occupation
Don't let me daddy see the temptation
Rap 2:
Gal me puffin' raggamuffin from me deep belly
Steal the nuts like a squirrel from me walnut tree
Me body gonna burst from a excaustion
Gal ya work me like major operation
Find it and wind it come lay down de law
Make me feel like ya wanna and then do it some more
Jump up jump up try to survive
Dis is me message so come get alive
Move your body baby
Move your body come on
Wind your body baby
Wind your body
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