The F Track Lyrics

Artist: Showtek

Eh... yes, hello, good evening, umm, I'm I'm Gerald from 37B
Umm, yes, I'm just wondering could you turn the noise down please?
It's it's giving me rather headache
And my daughter she needs to study you see?

Geeza, first of all it gives me a fucking headache
When idiots like you come knocking on my fucking door
Telling me to turn my fucking noise down
This ain't noise mate, this is fucking Showtek
My favorite fucking music
And secondly that daughter of yours who's VERY hot
Just happens to be coming out with me for the weekend
Fuck you

So it's the same old shit again
If it ain't my neighbors complaining about my kicking bass
It's the fucking media telling me my music is attracting the worst kind
Highlighting the drug use and aggressive sounds
These cunts just don't know nothing about clubbing the late night raves
So let me tell you this, motherfuckers
Not everybody listens to Mr. Williams
When my generation parties we do it 25000 strong
So people can say what they want
But this is all real
And you know this is true
So just let me listen to my music
Fuck you

You know what?
I'm sick of all the haters always having a reason to complain about this music
And the way I live MY fucking life
I can't believe these fuckups from the authorities
Telling me that my nightlife is to be cut short
Closing clubs at 3, instead of 5, 6 or 7
Not even considering my afterparty in the Sunday fucking morning
I'm gonna get messed up before the sun goes down
I'm gonna get drunk too quick in the pub
I'm gonna pop pills in the lines to the club
Don't try to fucking understand me
Just let me escape from reality
Ain't nobody telling me what to do or what not to do
This is my life
This is my music
Fuck you

Fuck you

Fuck you

Fuck you
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