The Dreamer Lyrics

Artist: Groundation

Sun rays find me in the morning time
I go out to the field to try and earn my bread
Alone I am the dreamer
In search of a lost and broken melody
A song filled with longing
For this my love I will sing forevermore

As a cowboy I come riding my golden chariot
Searching for a sound circling somewhere in the sky
I believe in the day and the dawning
Yes I believe in this world still so
And with all of these years I have learned through trials
To be in company with you is like a dream

What I have learned from my days and nights as a dreamer
Is what I hope to pass on to my friends and family
It’s wisdom, courage, and pride that sustains me
Searching for something true, for something great
For something new / In my heart I’ve lived through happiness
A world of birds and songs singing for me

So it was written down in the books of all the nations
That we will be judged for our works here on planet earth
So plant your seed and teach your children of all unseen
For we have not lost sight of the dream
No we have not lost sight of the dream oh no
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