Krispy Live Lyrics

Artist: E-Sens

[Intro - spoken in a whisper]
So krispy, I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy, I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy, I'm so krispy

I'm so krispy, I'm so krispy
My jeans nine hundred, shoes eight-fifty
I'm so krispy, I'm so krispy
My ice game make you haters wanna get me
I'm so krispy, I'm so krispy
I shine so hard that you broads cain't miss me
I'm so krispy, I'm so krispy
When it comes to bein fly you cain't fuck with me

[Kia Shine]
Dreads hangin long down in Memphis on my grizzly
Gone for a second, now I'm back did you miss me
You can find me In Da Club but my name ain't 50
Kinfolk Kia Shine, look it's not a game with me
Been broke kinfolk, now I pop Cris-sy
You would do the same thang, if you knew my history
Haters see my champagne, now they wanna get me
The same dude they call Dusty, in V.I.P. krispy
Well my ice game right mayne, it got yo' wife choosy
I see ya Kinfolk Jones~! Look my life is a movie
You would say the same thang, probably if you knew me
I'm 'bout to hit the dance flo' my song on excuse me


[Kia Shine]
Brown Louis logos with the Louis belt buckle
My style Universal, they gon' have to ship me double
Respect my fresh - it come to clothes, I'm the mayne
Shorty I'm the reason why you wearin Stunna Frames
Respect my grind, shit I be e'rywhurr
I'm through buyin bapes cause I got e'ry purr
I ain't a trapper rapper, still a G from the hood
That Great China Wall, I spent a G on the hood
I got them year-up windows that come in the bucket
A house note on yo' jeans Shine I don't care nigga, fuck it
You niggaz hatin if you say I'm not fly
I'm extra crispy like a two-piece out of Popeye's


[Kia Shine]
My hair line krispy like a stepped out the chair
The kush got me feelin like I stepped out the air
I keep your body zoned, money long as my hair
Ay watch your step Jones, these nine hundred a purr
Damn kinfolk, man your shoes super hot
I call 'em traffic jams, people see 'em and they stop
check your dictionary I'm the fly definition
And my stones so clear they in high definition BLING!
Shit I ain't mad at 'em cause Universal pay the bills
Ol' Sylvia cut the check now it's time for me to rock out
And my release gon' be bigger than the day they let 'Pac out


[Kia Shine]
I stay outta town but I'm so true to Memphis
A head hearty chop with the new true religion
Chain on my wallet and my shoes is ridiculous
Whoever did your wardrobe, you dudes look ridiculous
Polo player, D.V.'s, Zoo addict
LaCroix don't make it if your boy ain't got it
Tennis shoe fanatic, I'm the traffic jam rocker
Closet full of shoes you cain't find at Footlocker
Let me talk about where I live cause you know why dreads fly
Slats in my crib like I stay in Best Buy
I can flip stlyes like I flip hot cars
Look how I flipped from prep to rapper to rockstar


[Outro: Kia Shine]
Knahmsayin, kinfolk, it's ya kinfolk Kia Shine
It's oh-seven, it's time
Step your fresh up and catch up baby~!
Make 'em respect your fresh, and get krispy
{*23 seconds of instrumental to end*}

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Artist: E-Sens

Title: Krispy Live

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