Pure Energy Lyrics

Artist: Pure Energy

[ VERSE 1: King Sun ]
I call upon your attention, the extension is a live one
With the energy comin from a live Sun
As in Sun Born, the Universal
To get like me, it takes too much rehearsal
I'm comin at you from every direction
Forget about cryin out police protection
Even five-o know about the death blow
Not the kind you find in a line, so
The only freeze you receive is a cold
Current that gives you goose bumps when I roll
Those who weren't aware were caught out there
Left to rot in the middle of nowhere
This proves that I'm out for the real thing
Whether buildin or rhymin I'm the real King
I visualize the snake as an enemy
As I radiate thought I let off pure energy

[ VERSE 2: King Sun ]
The fun has just begun
And the name of the game is let's see who can step to King Sun
Sounds like nothin but somethin to do
Visualize your condition when I get through with you
Dragged and ragged and put away in a body bag
The mic stuck up in your mouth like a dog tag
Tell the truth, you're afraid to come near me
I can see it in your eyes, you fear me
How you're gonna go against a pit and you're a poodle
I bust your whole kitten kaboodle
You're doodoo and got a booty identity
Another loss in the sauce, victim of pure energy

[ VERSE 3: King Sun ]
Have you not heard that your word shall be bond
You're wicked and weak, so I don't speak to warn
A perpetrator or false advacator
Now is the time to build and not later
Picture me lettin you loose with that excuse
Only amonst the punks you got juice
For you to be hard you gotta get souped up
You wanna lock with the god, put your dukes up
Come on
They don't want none
Come on
They don't want none
Come on
I know you don't want none
Come on
Cause you're soft
I knew you wasn't fit to take the hit
And this is only a little bit of some of the good shit
The rest is better, every word, phrase and letter
A sworn vendetta to all those who said a
Little too much and touched a nerve
The only thing you deserve is the justice I serve
Severely, and I make you pay dearly
Play me like a then I really
Come out to get you, find you and wet you
Met your girlfriend forget she met you
You against me, come on, that's a no-win
You must be drunk off Cisco and slow gin
When I'm fightin it's Clash of the Titan
Thunder and lightnin, you're frightened by what I'm writin
You wonder how come my records ain't sellin
Cause I won't sell out to the pit you fell in
I'm too wise like a bag of chips when I flip
You remember King Sun On the Club Tip
I still Heat Up Snakes till it's Time to Go
Coming Soon with another Fat Tape, so
You're All In, this is the end of you
Hey Love, you wanna know Do I Love You
The Lethal Weapon King Sun is in charge
Pure energetic and Extra Large

Pure energy

And that's the way you spark them boys

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Artist: Pure Energy

Title: Pure Energy

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