Variety Lyrics

Artist: Ferris Mc

[mc chris]
Well my name is mc and I'm here to say
I rock the mic with asbestos all up in your face
Old school like the one used by Ichabod Crane
Watch me think up a phrase then put my spit on display
I aint even begun to begin
I get up on the microphone and make fun of your friends
I'm like black thought cause I got your twenties and tens
like your bittie won't go down on me in the back of your benz
Snap off her bra while she kicks off her kids
Put her butt on the bazooka tubes, and suck on her neck
And when I'm done yo your momma is next
Stackin ho's like government checks
Gotta go like I'm Sever and Ecks
Whack mc's like butterfly effect
Yo they came and they went all they money is spent like the rent
All my money's in the pockets of kids that's why I rockin this shit
Lickety split

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I read variety
Your box office receipts
Are motherfuckin' weak
Ya got nothing to say
You shouldn't fuckin' speak

[mc chris]
I got my mind on my money and the rest in escro
Missles on my wrist like my name was Destro
I'm whiter than your ipod head phones
Name is mcchris so let's go
let's go

I got more rhymes than than old dirty got cradles
And I got more bitches than Madonna's got dreidles
When it comes to kickin ass on cable I am more than able
But I kick it up a notch on kareoke turntables
Never mind the lyrics I know that you can hear it
Got the mononoke spirit when you quote it back so fearless
Fuckin shit will come near it: an mc/fan endearment
Save it like it's ferris in a trademark disappearance
You can't beat it like coat hangers once used by mommy dearest
But you run home and you blast it till you know your hard of hearing
Wanna be in the know gotta crack the code
Ghetto blasted by bad kids across the globe cause I can flow
I got beats galore got rhymes for days
Got nothin but a hundred hurricanes in my way
AKA people saying quiet down and behave
Fuckin lame like the motherfuckin trucker hat craze


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