Biggest Fan Lyrics

Artist: Reeperbahn

Electric eyes and a see-saw brain
The ghost of you and a phantom pain
And insects iridescent sheen
The bluest sky I've ever seen
I've ever seen

I want my piece, I want my slice
A beat-up punk rock paradise
Manish boy or a boyish man
I'll always be your biggest fan
Biggest fan

Forgive me this attack on you
For I know not what I do
I'm up in the air, can't hear a sound
You're making a noise on the ground
On the ground
On the ground

A distant stab and gas ignites
The wind in your face, warm summer nights
So take me along just for a ride
Remember, I'm on your side
On your side

Cherchez la femme
Cherchez la femme
Cherchez la femme
Cherchez la femme
repeat to fade

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Artist: Reeperbahn

Title: Biggest Fan

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