Lovin' Things Lyrics

Artist: Marmalade

The Marmalade - lovin' things

It's the lovin' things you do
That make me grow so close to you
Gonna want you my whole life through
For the lovin' things, baby, that you do

It's the lovin' things you say
That give me comfort every day
By your side I'm gonna stay
To hear the lovin' things, baby that you say

Since that day our love began
I've become a new and happy man
I can hold my head up high
When you are near I touch the sky

With your soft and sweet caress
You brought me such tenderness
To think I was once forsaken
With your kiss I've been awaken.



Then you walked into my life
Said how you'd soon end all my strife
With a smile from your young face
You gave me back my inspiration

It's the lovin' things we share
That assures me how you care
Our friends call us the perfect pair
For the lovin' things, baby, that we share


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