Justified Lyrics

Artist: Lion

[03:19.51][02:29.56]Justified me
[03:20.98][02:31.31]Glorified me
[03:24.94][02:33.76]Paid my ransom and
[03:27.52][02:37.24]I've been redeemed by his blood
[03:30.30][02:41.66]Go to calvary
[02:43.95]I've been made free
[03:36.11][02:46.64]Despite my enemy
[03:38.87][02:49.30]I thank god im justified
[02:54.29]Paid a price
[02:57.05]For my life
[02:59.33]And all that was wrong
[03:02.10]His love made it right
[03:04.88]Now what greater sign
[03:07.81]Can any man show
[03:11.25]That know with his own blood
[03:14.68]He made me whole
[03:32.04]Ive been made free
[03:43.70]If my sins had their way
[03:46.18]I never would have made it
[03:49.00]With a debt i just couldn't afford to pay
[03:52.02]He came and saved me
[06:19.71][03:54.95]When the enemy said that i couldn't
[03:57.58]God said go ahead because you're covered by me awesome
[04:02.95]Awesome powerful blood
[04:07.79]Though i
[04:08.98]I should've been dead
[04:11.25]And never kept alive
[04:13.72]God's grace and his mercy
[04:16.73]Were on every side
[04:19.05]When it looks like i can't
[04:22.42]God says i can
[04:25.20]And he won't let me fall
[04:28.52]In the enemy's hand
[04:40.25]I'm just glad to know that god saved me
[04:42.63]His grace and his mercy
[04:44.70]They watched over me all night long
[04:51.58][04:50.45][04:49.41][04:48.27][04:47.08]If it had not been
[04:53.31]For the lord that was on my side
[04:56.50]Listen i got some testimonies listen
[04:58.58]Just like ninevah that was headed for destruction god stepped in and he said
[05:27.25][05:15.73][05:03.99]Not guilt
[05:05.99]You gonna live and you won't see the day of destruction
[05:09.26]Ooh ooh ooh
[05:10.50]Just like daniel who was condemned to the lion's den god said
[05:17.50]You're gonna live
[05:18.62]you're gonna live yeah
[05:21.72]Just like david who was dearly beloved inspite of god said
[05:31.83]let's talk about you
[05:33.68]If you be honest with yourself tonight
[05:35.67]If it hadn't been for the grace of god
[05:39.47]You would've been
[05:41.09]You could've been
[05:44.80]To the liar
[05:47.43]To the cheater
[05:50.16]To the deciever
[05:53.32]Even to the believer
[05:56.06]There is therefore no condemnation to them that are in christ jesus
[06:02.03]Yeah yeah
[06:05.42]Some of ya'll got it twisted
[06:08.64]If it hadn't been for god
[07:33.26][07:27.65][07:21.30][07:15.27][07:11.38][07:04.13][06:58.10][06:52.16][06:46.44][06:40.53][06:34.71][06:29.04][06:23.31][06:17.83][06:11.37]god did it
[06:12.31]You wouldn't have made it
[06:14.16]Don't get confused about who kept you
[07:32.20][07:20.09][06:27.54][06:22.48]God did it
[06:25.08]When my haters said that i wouldn't
[06:31.71]I thought we'd never get out of the poor house but
[06:36.81]I thought we'd never see the white house but im claiming it
[06:43.47]And if you be honest
[06:44.67]He's been over your house
[06:48.37]Every grateful heart just bless his name
[06:55.25]Who delivered you
[07:00.07]Be honest about it
[07:01.40]Who kept you
[07:05.90]Come on and testify who brought you
[07:12.99]Just shout god did it
[07:17.78]Point to heaven and give him glory
[07:23.64]Come on and testify
[07:29.10]One more time
[07:30.41]If your praise is ringing say
[07:34.79]Hey yeah yeah
[07:38.71]God did it

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Artist: Lion

Title: Justified

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