1 Song 3 Lyrics

Artist: Models

Come join the band
Come shag the damned
God I blow them away
A heart of chrome
A broken home
I got plenty to say
Who are you doing
Don't spoil my day
A bigger better offer baby
He's on his way
You gotta love LA
I feel gigantic
Gonna burst a vein
I'm stopping traffic
'Cause they dig the fame
And I'm just the same
So Ebay baby
Haven't seen you lately
Do you still give it away
So get my peeps
To call your peeps
'Cause we've got nothing to say
Don't feed the models
Don't look at the police
Don't go to Crenshaw boule
'Cause whitey can get fleeced
God I love LA
I'm hearing voices, voices
Like a jumbo jay
Too many choices, choices
Gotta love LA
Kaliforni-a .. USA baby
Who you doing baby
You've been gloating lately baby
And I dig LA
I'd have to say
I've gotta jumbo jay

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MODELS - 1 SONG 3 Lyrics

Artist: Models

Title: 1 Song 3

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