Put It All To Music Lyrics

Artist: Rakim

Put it all to music (X4)
Makes you feel exactly like
Makes you feel exactly like
Makes you feel exactly like
Don't it drive you crazy
I usually fall asleep on it and wake up to it
In the morning draw plans in the day up to it
And make it easy to cope and say just do it
Like all I hear is c-notes it's cake up music
Get your weight up work out and shape up to it
It make me hype for ladies like to shake butt to it
We crank up music just to make us lose it
(Don't it drive you crazy)
And nothing can match the brain rush you get
And save plush you flip when playing something to sick
You can bug to it or make love to it
Sometimes we break up to it just to make up to it
A safe drug, no one knows what makes us use it
And make us love music though the hate run through it
(Don't it drive you crazy)
It goes good with the hoods and parks and on the block
? parties and get togethers if you want it hot
Fix your swag if it's on or not
Get your game right when your plan is you don't want to stop
Feel like life is lost and then you found it
It make you feel a certain way there's nothing you can do about it
It feel like you fiending and you can't do without it
(Don't it drive you crazy)
It put you in the zone when you listen to it
It's like a gang you can't get out when you get into it
Memories blend and vision to it
It's like a throw back you can go back reminiscing to it
You taking it out of your mind it's stuck in your mug
You under an influence of an infinite buzz
It's like a hippy from the sixties when you mix it with drugs
(Don't it drive you crazy)
Everything go better with music it's tailored for life it's better suited
Whatever your personal preference is, rock or all the ghetto music
Your personal therapist music it's therapeutic
Sit back in a chair and vibe out
And just relax and clear your mind out
And the beat will make you put it in gear and ride out
(Don't it drive you crazy)
It make the scenery more vivid for me I can see
Everything is more appealing to the eye to me
It even help a movie tell a story properly
Step by step so a move I choreography
You can unwind to it, wine and dine to it
Pass time to it, shine or grind to it
Like when I put my mind to it, put a rhyme to it
(Don't it drive you crazy)
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