Testament Lyrics

Artist: 50 Cent

[Verse 1]
yo I write rhymes for beemers, rovers, overachievers
drug kingpins who pick up more than one ki up
inmates in every state, live heavyweights
who had they own estate like scarface with large gates
five-star luxury cars in your garage
niggaz who live and die to get large and get power
yo I write like a scholar in Asia praisin Allah
amazing how a rhyme could make alot of dollars
I seen feens devour white powders sniffed in bills
and get mad if a portion of a gram get spilled
for real I analyze like the livest soldier
yo my rhymes are designed like the finest scultpture
so exotic, the LS Lex, neck brolic
wherever snakes dwell death follows
the best knowledge is respect power
and never test ours
cause live niggaz lay, stiffer than dead flowers
I represent excellence, my minds an eye
my third eye an extra clip yet to flip
so never question this
poetry I'm manifesting this
graffiti filled testament

[Mega talking]
yeah you know, this is like uncut raw dope you know
bag this up, ship this to every hood
nawmsayin' son
you pump this on your block
this is what I stand for, my clientele you know
then after that we have a major distribution of this, werd

[Verse 2]
yo I need stacks of green, either rap or crack to feens
its mad trife I seen indictments trap my team
life is felonies, fear and jealousy then death finally appears
save your tears
when I rhyme niggaz be wildin'
enemies silent
my mic temperature is like a caribbean island
consider me, living energy
my poetry, so complex whatever I bless you know its me
I hear the anguish, vulgar truth, forbidden language
if I'm getting two D's peak, and I'll explain shit
yo, I knew a few who never showed true love
I'm condemned due to my association with thugs
the streets raised me, made me, the weak praised me
indeed it was written you will one day betray me
listen, as my money starts to escalade I estimate
fake thugs forbidden, written in my testament

[Mega talking]
yea, don't even question it
it's real right now, nawmsayin'
we gonna establish our own commission
have our own business
the east the west
the money green on your side the money green on my side
let's get it, let's get it together
my testament, it's what I stand for
you either with me or you against me

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