Problemz Lyrics

Artist: Street Smartz

Back in the days there was this hoe, I knew before I had cash
Down [?], brown skin, big titties, fat ass
Until one day, I really started buggin this shit
Niggaz was like F, how could you fall in love with this bitch
To come to find out, this shorty was a shistie hoe.
She had a nigga really diggin, she was wifey dough
Find way outta line, with a mine, I was mad wishes
I never had riches, so she listen to dem crab bitches
And sometimes I think she only fucked with me
Cause of the way I suck titties and never bust nutz quickly,
Not at all thinkin weed smokin and alkohol drinkin
If honeys lonely, thats probaly cause she money hungry.

Bitches ain't nuthin but problems,
Can't live with em, can't live without em
It's from a spirit, so when you hear these lyrics to sing
Nowadays these honeys all about material thingz
Bitches ain't nuthin but problems,
Can't live with em, can't live without em
But I'ma deal with it and be real with it
And if your ex give you ass, use to still hit it

Now you wanna take the time and speak to me
Cause I be rhymin and shynin, freakwently
Fake niggaz poppin most, sayin peace to me
These high prize hoes ain't seen at least da g
You ain't the same dime peace dat I used to love
Sniffin coke, doin drugz, Gufflin [?] with thugz
Fuck a bitch, but this snake shit gotta be known
Plus I couldn't leave the [?] of a body alone
I used to try to be nice and never lie to hoes
Now I keep dem bitches thinkin I'ma buy dem clothes
Bustin nutz, if not on [?] faces, and [?] places
Like bedroom floors, horse and stair cases
You was the only one that I was close to
Now act like I ain't suppoedt to
Violate and expose you, violate and expose you


Don't get me wrong, I don't hate women and all
But I do hate the fact, is dat [?] ya'll
And to you chickenhead bitches I remember when ya'll
Used to had me set trippin, now I never could fall
You could hear that the pussy is da bomb and strong
But I swear on my tear put 2 condoms on
Life is like hell, so I gotta fight this world
No time for hookas, I'm lookin for a righteous girl
It's from the spirit, so when you hear the lyrics to sing
Nowadays these honeys, all about metarial thingz
You got to be a big willy, over [?] thug
Have mad gold chains, or you getz no love
But I'ma deal with it, and be real with it
And if my ex gimmie ass I'ma still hit it
Because, bitches ain't nuthin but problems

[Chorus x2]
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Artist: Street Smartz

Title: Problemz

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