Do My Thang Lyrics

Artist: Stevie Hoang

Do my thing --> Erick Sermon

[ VERSE 1: Money B ]
To the beat, to the beat, to the beat y'all
Old school jams the party people used to dance to I recall
Summertime in Philly, my age about a dozen
Got excited when invited to block parties with my cousins
Tapin every rap jam that slammed on the radio
School time came, on the plane back to the O
Grandmaster Flash, Spoonie G and the Treach' Three
Fearless 4, spirit of hip-hop was etched in me
See, I was down, brah, but let me get down to
V-Town I was down witcha
Back at the high, '84, '85
Lunch time at the break, hip-hop kid live
No jive, I see Boogie B and Commando
Valentino D, we all had plans to
Shock the house until the break of dawn
I was down with the Funky Fresh 8 when I jumped on
Stage, I got played when I entered the talent show
I ripped it you ripped it, Mon' but I still didn't win it, though
But now the people know me as Money B
Not just a freckle-faced short lille wanna-be
Breakdance, shell-toe-Adidas and leather-hat-wearin
Now the girls was starin and the props was ffffat
Now at the parties when the bass would pound out
The mic was passed and that's when I found out..

People from everywhere watchin the show -->
You're intrigued by the way I do my thing --> Erick Sermon
People from everywhere watchin the show
Mi come to rock ya whether you're black or you're white --> KRS-One
People from everywhere watchin the show
You're intrigued by the way I do my thing
People from everywhere watchin the show
Now when we rock upon the mic, we rock the mic - right --> Slick Rick

[ VERSE 2: Money B ]
Well, like I was sayin, I was makin a name for myself
At the same time at the flat where I sat
With the turntable, tape deck, Stevie Bo and Greg
Bet that I can turn pro cause I flow and the day I met
The M-a to the c with the dash
M-o-n-e cash came fast on the ave, see
Cars ride by with the boomin systems
With the funky funky, funky, funky beats in em
And there was no need to look that way or this way
You want a cassette, then you step to the six-trey
And that's where you'll find me, Mone to the side of me
Tryin to get paid in those days sho' was fly to me
But lookin back just like a quarterback days past
I gotta give a shout out to C.J. Flash
For hookin me up with Fuze, oh, excuse me
One more ingredient, Sleuth, yeah, we needed him
For management, but what did I say, oh, we'da been
Stuck, but we hooked up like handle-bar mustache
MGM was the name that we used then
And here comes Shock and Chopmaster J
Some weeks passed away, yo Jim, pass the jay
But then out of nowhere came the sound of Digital Underground
And we was ready to get down
On the local circus, rockin the small crowds
Doin work with crews like K Cloud
Capital Tax, [Name], Red, Black And Green
Benny B and Davey D know what I mean
You see


[ VERSE 3: Money B ]
1989 'Doowutchyalike' dropped
The US wasn't pleased, overseas it went pop
But we finished the LP, attitude healthy
Shit, the earthquake hit, Lord please help me
The bridge collapsed, people had to find means and ways
To cross, we was off to Europe in a few days
A two-months tour and I sure won't forget that
Denmark, Finland, we almost froze, black
Sweden was cool, in Holland we kicked it
London shows was safe, we was wicked
Peace to Mell'O, good lookin out, gee
And everyone else when we came to your country
Movin right along and back to the homefront
In no time everybody's doin the Hump
Puttin the funk in the trunks and back in the boom box
We took the road show straight to the nine-o
*backstage preparations*
Well, if you was there, then you know that we got buck
So now you know, I gotta say what's up
To Big Daddy Kane, 3rd Bass and KMD
MC Lyte, 2 Live and the D.O.C.
Michel'le, Def Jef saw the first show
Cheeba was down, peace out to the Afros
Latifah like a sis away from home
With AD never leavin the girls alone
45 King, Chill Rob and Apache, Flavor U
Peace to [Name] and the Naughty By Nature crew
My brothers in PE worked it out
Kwam, Kid'n Play, Young And the Restless know what I'm talkin bout
Silk Tymes, [Name], Special Ed, Heavy D
T-Roy, you're rockin wherever you be
Geto Boys, parents should doin the job
Yo's to Yo-Yo and Ice Cube rollin with the Lench Mob
Shouts out to EMPD and Twin Hype
Mellow Man Ace and the Cypress Hill Tribe
ATL, De La, J.Beez, Quest
Body 'n Soul and Felicia the Poetess
Too $hort and the homies from Oaktown
Tony! Toni! Ton! - we're reignin in Northern California now
Peace out from DU and Raw Fusion
If you seen it, you know what I mean


And and this one is goin out to my man 2Pacalypse
Cause we been all around the world
And it's still the same song

Do my thing

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