The River Of Life Lyrics

Artist: Rishloo

1. There a river of life with its pure crystal light,
Flowing out from the great white throne;
In that beautiful land where there is no night,
And where sorrow never can be known.
* Refrain:
By the crystal waters flashing,
I stand all redeemed by the blood;
Il forever praise my God and King,
For my cleansing in the crimson flood.
2. By this river so clear blooms the fair tree of life,
And its sweet fragrance fills the soul
In our heavenly home where there is no strife,
And there naught but love can there control.
3. On the clear sea of glass that is mingled with fire
Stand the holy that overcame;
And with harps in their hands, in the heavly choir,
Sing the song of Moses and the Lamb.
4. There a fountain, a stream, where the thirsty may drink
Of the water of life so free;
They shall suffer no heat nor of hunger think,
And no sorrow shall they ever see.

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