Show Me Your Height Lyrics

Artist: Unchain

People are always smiling with my brothers
People who are respecting for the others
People are always shining powerfully
They're my light

Joyful, You just forget about your mistakes
Painful, and the depression after haertbreak
Mindful not written in the book of life
It's learned by mind

We must keep on waterring the flowers
So as not to dry the possibilities
We must keep on burning light of power
'Cause we will be always singing

Time of my life, it never comes again
So I'll try to live for moment here
Until the end of my sight
It never comes again
Even though a mistake
Heaven don't laugh at boys
Dye me red like a rising sun

Get rid of your hedge
show me your limit and the power of your fate
Get rid of your hedge
You're just no longer, friendly neighbor
You're just a player
Show me your way
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Artist: Unchain

Title: Show Me Your Height

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