Lost Cause Lyrics

Artist: Courage My Love

If there's one thing you can count on, it's for me to let you down.
Since the moment I could walk, o couldn't handle solid ground.

If you want conversation I'm too petrified to speak,
But if you want hesitation, I'm the girl you need to meet.

And if there's one thing that I could say
"we're better of, so much better off this way.
And I can't believe, no I can't believe that this came true.
I waited my whole life to find you."

Maybe I'm a lost cause,
But I can tell you're the safe bet that I'm counting on.
And it could be that it's all talk,
But I'm holding my breath hoping that it's not.
I'm holding my breath, yeah I'm holding on.

I leapt from a skyscraper when you crept into my head,
And just when I'm about to fall you only pick me up instead.

If words could ever tell you, oh I wish I could explain
How since the moment that I fell for you I've never been the same.

Everything you said going through my head now.
Now I can't forget, no I can't forget
Everything you said ringing in my head loud,
No I can't forget.
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