Never Saw A Miracle Lyrics

Artist: Curtis Stigers

Written by Curtis Stigers and Barry Mann

Seen a light divine
Seen water turn to wine
Seen healing hands and walking on the water
I've knelt in churches
But that was all just fruitless searches
For something to believe in
And I thought I'd seen it all

But I never saw a miracle
'Til baby I found you
I prayed I'd find my heaven
Then all my prayers came true
No, I never saw a miracle
I was blind but now I see
The miracle is the love you give to me

Seen a flower bloom
And a man walk on the moon
But I never seemed to find sweet inspiration
Seen the stars fall from the sky
And heard a newborn baby cry
And felt the warmth of human kindness
'Til the tears came to my eyes


I've never been a winner
And God knows I'm a sinner
But I found my salvation in you
Oh, I was lost until you found me
Put your loving all around me
Gave me back my faith
And my strength to carry on
And now, baby, I believe.


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