Murderer Lyrics

Artist: Avatar

Once there was a little girl
Visiting a little boy
Stayed up watching late night shows
No one else was home

Once upon a time below
Strangers' faces pale and old
Misery and broken bones
Set the stage

Are you scared of what you might like?
Are you scared you'll get out alive?
Hear the wind blow and church bells chime
Hear the mob that await outside

Shame on you who dared survive
You shall pay
The dead will rise



Tiny children small no more
Voice their anger
"Burn the whore"


Will the torturer save your soul?
Will this path take you down below?
Speak the truth, there's no need to fear
Speak the truth that they want to hear

Innocence you have to sink
Return from the devil

Release us from hell
Shame on you who dared survive
You shall pay when dead will rise

Pain and torture waits below
Thanks these men who made you go
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