Raw Is War Lyrics

Artist: Wwftriple H

feat. Spidahman

It's Dan and Spi: the Bash Brothers, here to smash busters
There's nothing you could do to help avoid this mass bumrush
Declarin' war so prepare for some crass ruckus
Secure your weapons, that's any mic our ass gon' touch
It's on now! But don't look at me because you started it
Every rhyme in every rap: murder and horniness
Every song you offer is monstrously preposterous
Our culture, you dishonour it, stupid crews screamin'
'Bout you'll lose cream when they break into homes of fools sleepin'
Fake thugs, perfect examples of misused semen
As if you'll see 'em in museums killer dudes be in
Step on the battle ground and just make sure your side is ready
Although to scrap with Monolith just means you've died already
We crazy like people were when they first heard Bye D'Plenty
Crush you like what I got on Tara Chase and Namugenyi

[CHORUS: repeat 2X]
Raw! All y'all niggaz, just get ready for war!
Had enough suckers It's time we settle the score!
Doin' it for sure! Lyrics so pure!
You better believe my nigga, we get raw!

Victim or victor Shit's off the richter
We in the mix y'all, this is war!
Words And Rhythm hit 'em, we up in hell's kitchen
Chickens with samonilla, niggaz be burnin' biscuits
Yo speak on speak on losing my religion
Y'all ain't practice what you preach and I ain't believin'
These heathens and my peoples ain't neither
For real dog, I ain't no rapper on no soap box
Tellin' you the sky fallin' but seeing the cess pool and diving all in
Defies logic, it's almost over now
It ain't no perfect world, and never will it be
But the challenge is for more balance, you feelin' me
Get it together before we get it together
I said what I had to say now so get familiar
Get it together before we get it together
I said what I had to say now let the chorus tell ya


Do you really wanna take it to the frontline
If you want it, you can get it done up one time
You won't understand what happens when we combine
Dan-e-o and Spidahman take way your sunshine

Words And Rhythm means WAR, pen is mightier than the sword
You can murder the messenger, but the message ain't ignored
For sure, watch how we mash for Lith
Handling business like Erick and Parrish Smith
We have to win, can't give in
Rise like a Phoenix that's flapping wings
Tell 'em what's happening: smackin' 'em with an acronym
But in reality, backin' 'em, Partnerz In Rhyme back again, Dan begin!

Attackin' 'em, hackin' 'em up with our rappin' acumen
No laughin' when we steady crackin' men and bitch slappin' 'em!
Trapped up in a state of imaginin' that they badder than Osama Bin
But in this rap labyrinth, we lappin' 'em!
Ask your friends, who really likes songs about your tech glocks
I mean, when you play 'em do you actually expect props
You'll get dropped, cuz real hip-hop is what I majored in
Whip niggaz so bad that they'd prefer to just be slaves again!


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Artist: Wwftriple H

Title: Raw Is War

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