Gunfire At Midnight Lyrics

Artist: The Brandos

They walk the streets
Late at night
They don't know nothin'
'Bout what's wrong or right
They're after me
They're after you
I can't help wonderin'
What I'm gonna do
If they catch me
Whoa, and there ain't nowhere to run


Gunfire at midnight
Shots ring out through the streets
Breakin' glass in the back alley ways
You don't dare to look and see
Who's firin' at midnight
Whoa, fear is in command
Every shadow reveals the sheen of a blade
You don't dare to make a stand

An empty street
Under the moon
Walkin' quickly
So I'll get home soon
The sound of foot-steps
Not far behind
Could be them
Or a friend of mine
Keep a light in the window
Whoa, and a lock upon the door

Don't get a gun
It won't kill your fear
'Cause if you show it
Ten more appear
A show of violence
Will get back to you
From what I've seen
I believe it to be true
If I see blood in the gutter
Whoa, I'll pray that it ain't yours
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Artist: The Brandos

Title: Gunfire At Midnight

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