Still Standing Lyrics

Artist: Knytro

I'm on Neptune, Planet Noreaga
And what you call a Vader, I'm more MF Doom
A fucking Schwarzenegger, straight out the test tube
Demolition man, Kanye like that Wes' dude
Snipe a Kardash and bang Amber in the rest room
Toke the Wiz Khalif, like I'm the next Snoop
Smoke that lethal leaf, that lethal weapon too
A Danny Glover stunner, Mel has left the room
So follow all the signs and never cover your eyes
Cause in this alien's mind, a predator resides
Merking them like, Boy Better Know I'm hurting 'em
You lack intelligence, yo that's something I don't like
Must be the JME in me, still unsigned
My immortal technique piss off the one time
So check the terminology if you can follow me
Then watch how it go down, you tweeters online?

Standing ovation, put your hands together for the occasion
The poetry's back, I throw it in your face son
Remember where you came from, uh, the school of hard knocks
Has to be sick, as the matchstick melody
My nigga, we're the last ones left
Uh, I sell water to a well (no doubt)

I am a black star, gangstar, the most defatalie
Rakim, a Terror Squad, I beg your pun pardon
I'm calming, a Raekwon starving
Jay Z the AZ from A to Z, kill 'em play the scene[?], Sugar Hill Gang was my lil' [?]Biggie Smalls on 'em, ay, ball in my Jordans
Jeezy's appartment, and Nas in the garden
I'm Mister Gulla Wale all day, flipping through a literal collage of this lyrical always
Been a Scarface, my life's similar to Kanye's
RZA to GZA man, [?]A Whodini with killer records, I'm a Ghostface
And I'll catch Grandmaster Flash after class
I'll be in the hallways from Eminem to Aftermath
Cause I'm a Big Daddy Kane, a Pharoahe Monch
De La Soul I'll be on my get 'em go getta
I'ma Roots Manuva, a Public Enemy commender
Naughty By Nature as I fortify the flava45 pages later, I'm a Jean Grae or greater
A H.
C., a prodigy so follow me, an Eric BMy thoughts legendary, like Kool Keith, I've got the octagon living through me
Clan, no excuses for me
Yo we got a heavy hand, you's a Heavy DSo please stand up
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Artist: Knytro

Title: Still Standing

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