No Juice Lyrics

Artist: Lil Boosie

Niggas be talking bout this, niggas be rapping bout that
They ain't even got no straps, old lame ass nigga you whack
Bitch you ain't got no juice, bitch you gets no juice
And niggas be telling these lies, living they life disguised
Exaggerate for these hoes, boy you really think you cold
Bitch you ain't got no juice, and nobody believes you
And you can't lie

These niggas be talking bout this, these niggas be talking bout that
But they ain't never slung that yak, they ain't ever laid in that rack
On that other side
Of the wall where the real walk, cold nights, real talk
Niggas they telling lies, nigga what block you own?
I'm just a hustling ass nigga with a gift partner
You just a buster ass nigga on a trip partner
You got no juice, I got the juice, the whole world love me
CNN say I got the whole world thugging
Sometimes it's best to walk away, save yourself a case
Cause they in court testifying on us every day
Everybody want to be fly, but don't nobody want to get robbed
For reputations, they love

They exaggerating for these women, hoping they look at em different
But now you playing the people, since little one caught you slipping
You's a rat, you ain't ready for the lifestyle
When the K's cocked and the lights out
What you know about not going in till it's lights out?
Niggas checking niggas bout hoes, you gots no juice
All in them people's section flexing, nigga don't even know you
I believe in actions, no words, no weight
Nigga in LA nine years ago said he was gon' hook me up with Drake

Nigga you ain't got no juice
Nigga you ain't Boosie Boo
You ain't even got no juice like that
You ain't the truth like that
Nigga don't even know you (No juice)
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