Lying Ex Lyrics


Tweekxn - Lying Ex Lyrics

You loosing your head you loosing your mind
I am the one the prettiest you is the trickiest
I am experienced never to snoop on the crow
Addicted to crack and you think I'm gone stay
Get your big fat ass out my way
You seen more boxers drop than iron Mike
I ain't got nothing to say
You is a prozzie you lurking all night
Doing the coke in the buildings at night
Talking 'bout how you is right
I am the one with the lyrical might
Telling a story 'cause you is a lie
Roast on the fire I hope you will die
Never to come back to life
Put up a fight but found out you cried

Keep it so low they taking my pay
Playing like magic im talking the Rey's
I am the one with the cadence affiliate
I am not vegan I want all the beef
I'm playing like chief kief keep it brief
The closer your enemies are
The more that you want 'em to die
The closer I get to cries the better I sleep in the night
I see a lil light and it aimed at my head
I jump off my bike and he hid in the hedge
I pull out the blicky he really wan try
He is so pussy that he wanna hide
I run up to him and I make him go blind
Tweek is the one but that ain't a surprise

Co ordinated now you terminated
Drinking water but it fucking carbonated
Look at my music it's separated
Never demonstrated never segregated
Putting in effort I'm decorated
Yeah the lyrics they designated
Boy is educated but he agitated
Stimulated but it's best that I pay

Step back cuz I don't play
If you wan step to me that's the end of your days
Play with me cuh I'll force you to stay
Make you experience pain
I am still better and bigger than faith
I am still better and bigger than hope
Never to fuck with these hoes
Never to listen to people who blow
Never to listen to people with snow

In a blackjet call that black cats
Must of missed that by a Knick knack
If you pull through then I'll hit that
Right in your head and I'll call that a mismatch
I'm on my wit and I'll get on my get back
Boy I'm not popular but I'm a regular
If you try step on me boy I will find you
Give you the regular
Never to mess with me
I am the messenger

I am not done with you
All of the shit that you said
Girl why you lying 'cause I am divine
You cannot trick me to think that you good
I know all ya names I know where you live
You is a pussy when you paid in pesos
Never to reach me cause I am the halo
You is a chicken just like a lil Galo

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