Feel Something Lyrics


Illy - Feel Something Lyrics

freed by the feeling, losing all control//
across star systems, bottomless soul//
its rock and roll baby it never gets old//
and the jumps only as far as how tight your holding on//
so let it breathe let it build//
future is meaningless, realitys killed//
take the breaks off, let the thoughts spill//
technicoloured words, luminescent fills//
and this feels like heaven to me//
and the beats like the prettiest sound tyouve ever seen//
define clarity, redefine gravity//
kiss the sky, flirt with insanity
just some thoughts for the mind//
conceptualise brain patterns in a rhyme//
ha, and were doing just fine//
living life one deep breath at a time//

Cause I'm just trying to make you feel something

Each thought like a jolt, each sense gone numb//
we feel nothing and everything at once//
synchronised madness, the children of the sun//
setting fire to their temples, whatever may come//
you cant make sense of the chaos//
so close to meaning, still such a way off//
rise and decline//
blinded by truth, our eyes tell us lies//
sleep beneath hypercoloured skies//
brain stems legs, reality would amputate//
the greatest thoughts here captivate//
then crystallise, then evaporate//
its all in how you let it go//
awake in the dream, we ebb with the flow//
so stay tuned for the next episode//
lets find how deep this rabbithole goes//

Cause I'm just trying to make you feel something

any grasp of reality left behind//
embrace life in precious time we given//
see the starlight shine in the distance//
the path of least resistance, leave a sense//
of content in the minute, comfort in here and now//
build it up just to tear it down//
forge bonds that never were//
but till daybreak saboteurs arrive to fray shattered nerves //
let the warmth rush over me, course through my veins//
thoughts caught in webs we create//
you wont remember the date//
but the sensation lasts after memories fade//
no regret, no remorse//
overwhelmed without cause, but you gotta let it//
run its course//
feels like an immovable object struck with unstoppable force//

but its just trying to make you feel something

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