Skintight Lyrics

The Donnas

The Donnas - Skintight Lyrics


I saw you standin' by the slurpee machine
white studded belt and skintight jeans
I tried to buy a hostess cupcake
baby you're so sweet I got a toothache
I wanna take you home with me
wine and dine you with some cable TV
c'mon now don't be so shy
in those skintight jeans you're my kinda guy

skintight baby alright
turn out the light and take a bite
skintight all night
this feels right and skintight
skintight baby alright
skintight all nite

turn up the music you can make me alright
we're gonna get it Friday fun tonite
in the darkness it's not hard to miss
I can't resist, I need your kiss

I saw you talking to that slut named starr
she was standin' by the nacho bar
she only likes you cause you're in magazines
but I just like you in your skintight jeans

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