Elaine Lyrics

Sun Kil Moon

Sun Kil Moon - Elaine Lyrics

The hospital called last night
they said you’d gone code silver
they sent the police out searchin’
found you down at fifth and minnow

High on crack cocaine
you and Juan Valdez
they sent him back to jail
and they put you back to bed

They called in the mornin’
said you were found outside
and put the phone down
Your cat jumped on my lap
and I laid down and I took a nap

Feelin’ bad and full of shame that I
somehow contributed to your pain
I wish I could help you with your problems
but babe, I got enough of my own

I fell asleep and dreamed of you
the PA said code blue
I hailed a taxicab
got there and found you up in west two

My beautiful sweet Elaine
all that was killin’ you finally drained
from your sweet angelic face
and I kneeled down and whispered your name

I cried and I cried
you crawled and found a corner and you died
I ought to kiss my sweet Elaine goodbye
and I walked out in the rain
I walked out in the rain
and there you were again
lookin’ down on me from high
like a cloud in the sky

I cried and I cried
I remember all the nights
that I loved my sweet Elaine
and that I kissed my sweet Elaine
and then I looked up high
saw you floatin’ in the sky
and I cried and I cried
like a baby I cried

Not much to pick from
in my view
trees that shake
when the wind comes through
and the boots I got
say the water is blue
but I only feel alive
when the birds fly

Not much to pick from
in my record collection
I sold ‘em all away,
don’t want no recollection
I put ‘em in the past,
don’t wanna hear the songs
just wanna play guitar
and sing my own

The phone rang I picked up
it was you
you said you were out there waitin’
I hailed a taxi pulled up front
there stood a pretty lady

smokin’ a cigarette
lookin’ eight pounds heavier
I helped you into the back
and put your bags in the trunk

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