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Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker - Faith Lyrics

Feel a wave of destiny wash over my helpless body
I can't seem to find my way
The air is thick and foggy
What do you say, do you say to fate
What do you say, do you say to fate

All these thoughts abound my mind
I wait for rescue and for a sign
I cannot kneel, I'm out of time
I'm face to face with my insides

I felt so bound by mindless ways
As life unfolds so does my faith
I've burned all paths that lead to peace
Now all of them feel sympathy

I'm singled out
My soul is pinned
I'm trapped in a state of question
I try to run away
But finding an answer beckons
How do you try, do you try to live
How do you try, do you try to live

How did I get here
Don't turn back

I'm feeling rage of a hurricane
I never thought it'd be this way
But now it is, and what to say
There's nothing so I must escape
Now where is peace and what is fair
Should we just march without a care
And go where we are told to go
Without a thought, without saying no

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