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The Frames

The Frames - Finally Lyrics

Did you fall on your way?
It's a long way down
Welcome back to your place
I hope you know it now
Cause it's true what you say
We're the wrong way round

And the lie that cut the worst
Has been resolved, then reversed


Ah come on, show the way
Where you running now?
Is it lack of restraint?
Has you turning round

In the end, we're both the same
You played your part, so you're part to blame

And when you want something so much
It's drawing trouble on your life
And when you found something so good
It's hard to focus on what's right

And in the end what hurt the worst
Has been resolved and then reversed
And I know it's not what you said
It's like the letter I just sat and read


You found something so good
It's drawing trouble in your life
And when you love something so good
It's hard to focus on what's right

Our love is over

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