The Rumble Lyrics


Cinimod - The Rumble Lyrics

I'm a problem child, I'm my own worst enemy
No matter happens in life, precise and nothing scares me
Even the bombs is exploding all around me
I be the type of man, who stand his ground, firmly
I'm compulsive, psychotic in the mental
A walking fear factor, seven thirty, it's that simple
I've been exposed, to a universe of negative fall out
The fact that I move on nothing, it makes me wanna call out
Instead, I put vocals to the beats and get it popping
But back to the program, damn
My evil and is, taking over like I'm sinking in some quicksand
Really I feel like going up in a blaze, hot damn!
I'm a cross of Jack the Ripper and the Son of Sam
It's like I'm living five lives and of five guys
With five million ways to bust heads, so forgive my slide

I said yo, yo, do you wanna rumble
Come and rumble with me.....
I've been working out these problems in my mind

Imagine yourself freefalling, falling and falling
A thousand stories, after diggin' some stars in scrolls
That's how I feel, 24 hours a day
From Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, and even on Saturday, it's like I'm trapped in a box
Uh-huh, going to war with myself
So I can't stop thinking about killing myself
So I do what I do, to do what I do, to break the rules
Only form of therapy is to spit it for you
Carasmatically drastic with this rap shit
Thoughts are falling off, but send them back like elastic
Get the politic sorrows in the music game
I'm trynna make sense of corruption my brain
I hope this part of my life, don't want war with my seeds
Mascaration of pornos, wrapped in best flame
The little things, that's gon' drive me insane

I'm in hell, raised in lyrically blazing
To make a long story short, I'm half man, half amazing
Sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going
My hearts on my sleeve, my loves growing and growing
That's how I like, from the music I make rumble
From the forty come licks, that's right I watch 'em crumble
Survival of the fittest, this business means business
Gotta say what I mean, gotta handle to my business
I'm one soldier fighting against a whole army
I'm little with bullets, yeah and none of them harming
My third eye, six stones, the eyes on the prize
Going from knowledge, from build the wise
And if I ain't succesful
In the back of my mind, I gotta wonder why
I keep my nose, yeah, fit to the grindstone
Going and showing and growing top of these fucking poems

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