Compton & Watts Lyrics

B.G. Knocc Out Feat. Dresta

B.G. Knocc Out Feat. Dresta - Compton & Watts Lyrics

Hahaha, this is 4 all you fools dat don't know what's up yet...

I come ruff, i come real ruff
And get 'nuff stuff.
Demolition bustas, leave 'em like suckas.
I'ma bastard not an actor,
Bitch attractor, momma was my daddy
Because daddy wasn't a factor.
Back on the block: compton & watts
Could smoke rocks together
compton & long beach together?
Nigga, never! ever got along
It's the same song i'm singin
When i'm bringin the deal
You gotta respect how i feel - it's real.
I chill wit my homies and have a ball,
If you can't speak the truth, nigga, don't speak at all, nigga

Compton & watts gets much props back
On the block, pop the glock cuz we can't stopcan't stop

It's time 4 the phony and the fakes to devour
And separate the real deal niggas from the cowards.
Never respect a nigga dat's tryin to be somebody else
I could respect a nigga mo' dat's tryna rap and be yourself.
You gotta speak what you feel and what you been thru

You think you get respect if you lies dat you did time
Wit everybody around you already know you never did crime
See, i did mine but i don't think it makes me bigga
Cuz i figure in or outta jail - i'm still a real motherfuckin nigga.

A product of the projects
When i flex or wrecks the set.
And brothas checkin they hoes
Because they breakin they necks
To tryna see: the d, the r, the e, the s-t-a sta, dre'sta
The westside compton gangsta
I keep my homie wit me everytime i'm drivin
Not talkin 'bout my nigga, homie, i'm talking 'bout fo-5-in
Strivin to be the best dat i can be
But it's kinda fucked up in the cpt.
Tryna move up but something tryna hold ya back.
Police jack 4 crack, niggas jack 4 lack
Watch yo back! this fucked up while all this getting worse.
Every other day, another nigga and another hearse.
Pop, pop goes the glock cuz we can't be stopped.
Much props to compton & watts?

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