Paper Gown Lyrics


Midlake - Paper Gown Lyrics

Everything you need
Is everything I need to be
I sit across the room
Your breathing starts to croon to me

Every prone to be
A pillar of things you will never need
So please don't let me go
Down old paths and radios for long

When the day comes
The dreadful scene approaching

Don't leave with your
Hands covering your face
My body is stone cold here
Don't go
Don't leave
Don't leave my place

When everything goes dry
Remember it's no big surprise
When everything you love
Starts messing with your head
And phones drop

Well go ahead blame me
And push me down the stairs
To the street
I'm slowly getting up
My body aches of sunlight inside

And somewhere far away
In my mind I'll dream
And call out loud without
Inviting you

I've gone too far away
In my mind I'm dreaming
And I'll call out aloud without
Inviting you

Please won't you lead me back
Please won't you lead me back

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