Full Flex Lyrics


Pronobozo - Full Flex Lyrics

Comin' up full flex
Fresh with the message for ya,
If your not flexd then we gotcha cornered,
Don't cross paths with the ninja warrior,
I slice 3 time before you even know what's up,
Full speed max performa don't fuck with us there I warned ya,
Show me watcha got when youre coming correct to make a mess,
Let's see you do yo best, full flex

Ruff tuff notorious I go full flex when I'm serious
Yes I'm armed and dangerous
9 millimeter lick shot a buss
Pick up the mic and I'll rip that shit up
Flip that shit up, crip that shit up
Making mad cash yeah I'll rake that shit up
Realer than real cant make that shit up

Full flex when the beat connects,
It's full flex when I intercept,
It's full flex with the intellect,
It's full flex when we break your neckaaa.

Full flex
It's full flex
Full flex
It's full flex

Next, I'm gonna give you
This precious world of mine,
Go full flex or ya go behind,
You make your own
Now every mother fucker sounds just like you on the radio,
Never gonna get no love, I come from below I come from above,
A caffienated brotha ready to flex and don't laugh cause I'm comin' to your house next

Microphone check, check one check two
If you wanna test best bring your whole crew
Gatcha MC beat you black and blue
Round house kick with my verbal kung fu
Yes we come correct, in full effect
Gatcha ride the riddem with the lyrical text
I make so much green you can call collect
Can't test we when we come full flex


Full flex we get respect,
Full flex we own the rest,
We even full flex on the internet,
It's full flex when the folks are best c'mon.

Full flex
It's full flex
Full flex
It's full flex

Full Flexn
As I take the mic and step in
You know I got the dream team lookn to check in

The beats brake in time
They pound out the sound that blows ya mind
And you cant believe the vocal, the rhyme
Cause no one has seen such lyrical kind

Switch it up
And bring the beat techs in
You better respect when I come in full flexn

Now bring back the rewind
As I go with the flow and heart combined

You can never escape the day to day grind
Stand up never ever fall behind, just flex

Full flex
It's full flex
Full flex
It's full flex

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