Slow Down Lyrics


Seahaven - Slow Down Lyrics

You still know authentic me,
All I know now is the chemicals pulsating.
You don't agree,
You promise we all get lost at some point some way.
Yeah but the season has changed, Fall has fallen away.
So now I'm stuck in this infinite dream,
Screaming in my sleep of how more than anything,
I need your beautiful slow down.
You instruct to cut it out, I say cut one, cut all.
But a day will fly on by,
And I'll take a deep breath like I never held it at all.
Drag me out into the rain, tell me all about the pain,
I've been causing and the way it all makes sense with the weather.
Tell me he ain't coming back and no synthetic distraction
Will ever change the fact, nor make it any better.
I'll reply by walking out, illustrate the then and now,
Leave you broken like you've been left
By the ones that you love most.
I am more lost than you could know.
You still remember my face,
Back when it was pure and sober.
Back when my bones were more adequately covered.
So you say you won't stop until
You've nursed me back to me.
And I'll remain someone else,
But still admit that more than anything,
I need your beautiful slow down.
I've been hard at work on my spine.
It's where I've directed all my time.
To rid these wings itching to fly.
They grow, they grow, I try, I try.

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