Angel Delivery Lyrics

Emil Bulls

Emil Bulls - Angel Delivery Lyrics

I Should thank God that it's true
He send an Angel like you
But from the first day I had the Clue
How to handle oh my
I clipped your Wings
Only Gravity
keeps you here with me
Oh Angel I'm sorry right now
my love is no tape
So I can't rewind
There's never a forever thing but your Tears on my Shirt
Seem not to dry oh my
Well that's the swing of things
I'm still sitting here just telling lies
to this photo of you and me
love was not known at your address
we've gone too far too soon
you were just unable to deliver
Angel, Angel let your memories fade away
Oh My
Oh Baby Maybe we were to young
oh baby maybe you are the one
Baby maybe you would better become undone
that's the story about a love that failed

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Emil Bulls - Angel Delivery