Chicquito War Lyrics

Da Yoopers

Da Yoopers - Chicquito War Lyrics

1. a Mosquito Raped a Chicken in a Blueberry Patch
Seven Days Later the Chiquitos Hatched
They Grew Up Fast and They Grew Up Mean
They Tore a Big Hole in the Window Screen
They Sucked All the Juice From a Raspberry Pie
They Caught Up With the Beagle and They Sucked Him Dry
They Took a Few Pints From Me and My Mother
Then They Flew Away With My Little Brother
What's That Noise Coming Out of the Blue
Like a Squadron of B-52's
It's a Flock of Chiquitos and They're Flying Low
Death and Destruction Wherever They Go
Grab the Kids and Hide All the Pets
Get Out the Guns and the Chiquito Nets
Board Up the Windows and Sandbag the Doors
We Gotta Get Ready Get Ready For War

2. I Love to Hunt Chiquitos On a Hot Summer Night
Cruising the Bush Roads and Shining the Light
I Wait Till They Land and Then I Shoot My Gun
I Don't Need the Meat I Just Hunt For Fun
I Bagged Me a Trophy Just Last Week
With a Five Foot Wingspan and a Six Foot Beak
I Shot That Sucker in Self Defense
He Was Chewing a Hole in My Chain Link Fence
Two Chiquitos Knocked Me Down
I Played Dead and I Laid On the Ground
I Ran For the House When I Heard One Say
should We Eat Him Here Or Fly Him Away
They Drilled Through the Roof Way Up By the Peak
I Grabbed a Hammer and I Bent in Their Beaks
They Lifted the Roof and They Flew It Away
I Found My Shingles in Shelter Bay

(Repeat Chorus)

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