Judas Lyrics


Asia - Judas Lyrics

My life was never all plain sailing
always so extreme
I climbed the peaks or perished, failing
You'd say I lived the dream

But then one day my global mercy
I should have been so proud
You need to know
that was the worst thing
You turned and laughed out loud

Why did you choose to stand behind me
Somewhere I couldn't see
Just when I couldn't feel it coming
You put a knife in me

I never needed your assistance
I always trusted you
I didn't understand your distance
You put a knife in me
(you took the life from me)

I'd love to know what does it feels like
To be a Judas friend
To be a brutal, traitor of the soul
Murderous at the end

And now while I find it quite astounding
You come to shake my hand
You'll never see how much you hurt me
You couldn't understand

Judas, Judas, Judas, Judas
You put a knife in me

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