Superfriend Lyrics

Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo - Superfriend Lyrics

What the hell am I doing
Thinking with my willy?
Knowing I don't love her
I tell her no
Then kiss her toes

What the heck are you doing
Leading on that poor girl?
I know there's
Something better
Deep in you
Now let it through

Pain, pain go away
Go away
Come again another day
Another day
'Cause I've got
A friend tonight
A superfriend to
Make things right

Turn away from weakness
Turn to something better
Show me how to live right
I never noticed you
Now I worship you

Don't be talking silly
Save deceits
For the young girls
You can talk
For real to me
Close your eyes
And leave the lies

Pain, pain go away
Come again another day
I got a friend tonight
A superfriend
To make things right

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