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Sizzla - In This Time Lyrics

oh oh, wake up.
wake up, wake up and live.
you got to, i got to, oh no
we got to yeah
in this troubled world
with so much on our minds
in this troubling time
wake up and live mankind
in this troubled world
with so much on their minds
in this troubling time
it's time to live up mankind
jah gave us this world for us to wake up and live
and share the world you got to wake up and give
this is what it is
truly, truly it is a must for us to love and live in one accord sing
don't you go on ruling her, lonely.
have yourself so then you got caught in so many things, yow
this get the time, now in the hour
we've got the mind, we've got the power
jah blessed i, that i and i could discover
come along let's unite and shake babylon asunder
we give thanks for the bringing forth of i
good and responsible thought.
praise jah all your life long, oh yeh
with this doing righteousness
no one could ever go lost
yet we all know
and receive the soul, it shall be given
it is for i and i to go and ask
never give your energy unto the evilous practices
this is an impartial rite
rise up
jah gave us this world for us to live and unite
so whether if you're black or if you're yellow or white
one jah, one god, one aim, one destiny
clean up your heart and soul
set your spirit free
speaking of righteousness
as the river flow the chant
one love black people
that is the way to rid the fault
not until the very cripple feelings of the heart
they won't know good words they want
they search for a place of peace to place good thoughts
blessed unto the blessing of the strenght to shift the dark yow
over life will forever reign, yow
all trial and crosses me have to pass
well then again
Repeat sizzla's first verse
repeat luciano's first verse

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