Jaguar And Thunderbird (Remastered) Lyrics

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry - Jaguar And Thunderbird (Remastered) Lyrics

Slow down, little Jaguar
Keep cool, little Thunderbird Ford

Ten miles stretch on an Indiana road
T'was a sky blue Jaguar and a Thunderbird Ford
Jaguar setting on ninety nine
Tryin' to beat the Bird to the county line
Just a half-a-mile from Newtonville
There had a speed sign sitting at the top of the hill
It said: "35 miles, and stay in line"
But the Jaguar and Thunderbird never read the sign

Ludenville was a real small town
Had a hundred and two
And nine acres of ground
Some stool pigeon put the sheriff wise
Told him "Park down in Newtonville
And catch 'em guys"
Sheriff laid down, half hid in the weeds
Parked for eight days, didn't nobody speed
All of a sudden, dust rose on the road
Said "Here come the Jaguar and Thunderbird Ford"

Sheriff doubled clutched second, put it in third
Took right after the Jaguar and Thunderbird
He knew he'd get a bonus and a big fat fine
If he caught 'em 'fore they crossed that county line
Sheriff never drove his car a hundred and flat
But if he aimed to get 'em
He'd have to do more than that
Crest of the hill, he's about a mile behind
There wasn't but two mor miles to the county line

Old Sheiff was countin' on the downward grade
With the tall wind pushin', he had it made
Thunderbird saw the Jaguar gainin' speed
And waved "Goodbye, Jaguar" and pulled in the lead
Jaguar said "You ain't won the race yet"
And pulled back around the Bird like a sabre jet
Sheriff's front bumper was a yard behind
When the T-Bird, Jaguar crossed the line

Slow down little Jaguar,
Keep cool little Thunderbird Ford

(repeat and fade)

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