Songs Of Sorrow Lyrics


Pennywise - Songs Of Sorrow Lyrics

You won't hear it coming
The sounds falls on deaf ears
Screaming to break the silence
It's time to wake up now
It's time to wake up
You can't hide behind the lies now
We're barely holding on
Now heed these words of caution
We've crossed the line
The warning signs are gone

A violent reaction
A major distraction
So far away another day
The seeds of destruction
Are laid in consumption
All along they lead us to
These songs of sorrow
Hoping for a better way
We live our lives in fear of failure
Reprimanded every day

These songs of sorrow
What have we done
We're living in a fantasy
We're out of control
We are our own worst enemy
Can't hear the cries
Of this tragic comedy
What have you done
What have we done

When it comes the time
Then we'll do right by you
Always by your side
We won't let them drag you down
To the ground

You try to believe it
Can't hardly conceive
We are stuck in time
Falling behind

Live in the moment
Don't try to control it
And the gears they grind
On the daily crime
With the lies we follow
The messiah bleeds
As we're lead astray
Ignorant to the world around us
You will pay for what you say

We won't walk away
We'll never give up
We'll never give in

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