Cow Pie Song Lyrics

Da Yoopers

Da Yoopers - Cow Pie Song Lyrics

1. i wake up face down in the cow pies
in a field near 41
some tourist takes my picture
as i bleach here in the sun
the flies are buzzing round me
and the cars are whizzing by
a cow is nibbling on my ear
and drooling in my eye
i don't know how i got here
i think i musta walked
cause i don't see the chevy
and there's holes in both my socks
i love to go where the cow pies grow
and smell that dairy air
and party in milwaukee
cause the beer tastes better there
beer and brats and a brewers game
its a party night and day
now i'm walking across wisconsin
trying to find my chevrolet
2. it musta been some party
i musta had a blast
there's beer stains on my undies
and my nose is in a cast
i met this girl from wausau
we danced all through the night
she couldn't kiss or dance too good
but she could drink and fight
she took me to a party
we polished off a case
but when i tried to make my move
she punched me in the face
(repeat chorus)
3. we all went to a brewers game
i think the crew was winning
i was doing pretty good
until the seventh inning
it musta been some brewers fans
that poured me in my car
then someone took my keys away
and drove me to a bar
i sang them some yooper songs
everybody bought me beers
i went looking for the bathroom
and i woke up lying here
(repeat chorus)

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