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Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu - Orbiter Lyrics

Man made way uknown.change course. back to home
from the scope they saw a shine. like that. close behind
By now the controller knew.full power chased by two
No one in the room could tell... a wild story yea ohwell
For a moment things went calm.no need to sound the alarm
The controller gave the word... planes vanish is what we heard
Did it happen like he said. better find out instead
Rolling back in time.short notice. but we'll try

Will they ever show.Orbiter lays low

Next morning we arrived on site. had a feelin something aint right
Soon as the car door slammed. Hemi's keys were in my hand
Blown heads on a six fifty four (654) All right now we need one more
Orbiter is close at hand. we all agreed on a skyward plan

Will they ever show. Orbiter lays low

So now months passed us by. we're sure it was all a lie
Sun mirror was placed on high. will let us know over time
First step to another world.is from years gone by were sure

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