Kill Or Be Killed Lyrics

Do Or Die

Do Or Die - Kill Or Be Killed Lyrics

Let's start it the land of heartless assassin killers
Concrete gorillas
Cold blooded mind mentally dead niggaz
Cold temperature feelers
Them ones who shoot to yo life gone
When the nights on
You body disappear into a dark zone - it on
Im mad dogging you crib with my chrome
Tapping yo phones at home
Leave yo kids all alone ' they gone
Smoked 'em from 'em blunts to leaves
Nobody want to fuck with the
Im on some pipe bomb type shit ' pull up with the
The editor (and I) ' eliminate my competitor
Time to feel the wrath of full-blooded predator
Subtracting niggaz ' I'm about to figure ' who react with triggers
Bi-ach it up to you who react the quickest
I'm sending yo partner ransom notes
Explaining who on shit list
Cause all we represent is hit list
So remember this
In my fucking city it's kill or be killed

(Chorus 2X)

K- I - L - L or I'll be (x3)
Kill or be killed

I'ma take a life quick as I take a breath
And I ain't excepting this bullshit
I'm livin just like I ain't excepting death
Preconception left you son-of-bitch you stuck
Hit you with this thang ' on the tock with a name ' cause a killa just buck
Never wire me up ' the center of yo essence past to file me up
It a be plenty mo' crimes ceases and pourin me swigs
A nigga just got fuck up
Visualize a fly gettin smashed by a battle rag
Put it in da frame Nigeroe get the picture who I am
(Who it is)
Zero muthafukin zero
Cooler than that wind when you hit that corner bitch
So don't fuck with me hoe ' cause we know
How drama calculate ' testing out niggaz fate
Keep yo head straight ' avoiding that dead weight ' shit up out the gate
I often feel when shit get drastic
I'ma make a motherfucka notice my production of these closed caskets
Fucked up get blasted ' since preschool on some bad shit
Your first and last pick ' its kill or be killed on you bastards

(Chorus 2X)

Seventeen in the mist - double you - distribute bitches is scarred to shoot
Muthafucka done retracute ' plus bleed the few 'but I gotta execute
When I'm next to you ' automatic murder tactic become invincible
It seems you know ' lay it down motherfucka ' that how you know
You finst to go ' you bitches know ' tamper with a nigga ' jag off
In the lead off ' get you blast off ' in a Red Cross ' hit the Feds off
Cause your heads off ' looking for the head bone ' stepping over boundaries
Its sounds to me ' picture nigga surrounding me ' on dummy shit
But we can ball on the funny shit ' a nigga body in the hollow tips
With extra clips 'shit' unload with the four pound
And I throw down - show down
Finna flow down ' you toe' down
Now I gotta finish the job ' if I wanna cover low ground
Since I'm low down
I'm maddog release these fifteens from this wanch
Yelp hit ' smoke pound ' nigga slow down
So when I hit ya with the ra-ta-tat-
Take the game ' remain the pain
Smoke the weed ' make the G's
Tame the strain ' sixteen with an L
Gotta get away tonight ' no blue and white
No bitch will do ya right
Shut 'em down stay true for life
Vause its you for life ' and I'ma choose ya life
Have a feelin lay the body turning blue tonight
Muthafucka you die

Sixteen in the clip one in my motherfuckin chamber
Loco ass nigga ' going through spells of anger ' you can anail the danger
I'm feening the snaps so call me a hype for the static I'm icning
My brain recycling havoc
son-of-a bitch I'm psycho dramatic
but I think I'm cursed with more than this evil shit
I can take you back to some mid-evil shit
but guess what weapons we gone pick
it all be more than a man can imagine having -- damn-it
seventeen hot ones at yo skin grabbin worse than (?) stabbing
see my workout drama and my room is tatted
and I'm surrounded by triple darkness so dont (?) I take this drastic
be more than disasterist
when I'm grabbin that black mask and that magazine
cat and da back
giving they ass some plastic fist
see my papa told me punking 'em out wont do no damn good
fucking with yo manhood
you handle it where that man stood, so dont ask me
if I'm of a piece a piece of pussy and a piece of fucking steel
Cause in my city bitch its kill or be killed

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