Trapped In Me Lyrics

Slick Rick

Slick Rick - Trapped In Me Lyrics

Yeah kid.

Well first of all, sit your, cause I'm Victor
The Ruler decorate a record just like a picture
Slicker licker isn't this vigorous
Motherfucker too Don Suave for any nigga it's
I sold that offender
Short killer note is that I wrote a tremendous
Old neighborhood chow, now Rick vow
even rich niggaz must bow now
Extrordinarily handsome, grandson
Pack your bags, suitcase out the mansion
Any time that you wish that - I flow that
A whole bunch of big shots bums, now you know that
Opinions, wifepiece - hers fat
You wish a rapper could be better than perfect
Candidate, who talk shit anyway
And this is what most bitch walk this planet say

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