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Sublime - Seed Lyrics

Janie always said I was a mess...
I'm sorry bout that mess.
I made her bleed.
Buddy Bah Bah, Bye Bye, I planted my seed.
Still I knew she could take it
If I opened up the rythym then I knew I could make it
but I hope her parents love her so...

Feeling all the acid on that brain.
Still I got that frame.
I made her bleed.
Yes she wants that lovin you see.
Well, if you live you wanna give and get old,
and if you never knew that we get old,
You live it up you live it up you get old

Believe me people when I say,
There will be people asking Satan everyday,
But you've got to know your place,
And if you don't it smacks you in your face,
I know her parents love her,
And I hope her parents love her,
I hope her parents love her soo.

Bully'd back in 1983 what did you do for me?
I made her bleed
well Im loved and I planted my seed
Babe I knew we could make it but
I only knew that the bitch would break it yeah
I hope her parents love her so

My god look at me,
If he had to go,
I know I'm barely lovin my holy creed
You never knew that was what you need
Oh my god honestly,
believe it or not it's a disease.

I-I know her parents love her
I hope her parents love her soo.

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