Streets Is Callin' Lyrics


B2K - Streets Is Callin' Lyrics


uh, yea, once again


I've been goin' through somethings (ohhh),
I been strugglin' with my inner man (yea, yea), I hustle, I'll do what I
can to get this money,(uh, yea, listen)I know I promised you somethings (somethings),
There's gotta be a better way,
It's not easy to make that change,
The streets keep callin' me


Last night tryin' to make it home (make it home),
I get this call on my phone (on my cell),
Stop yellin' Slow down, I can't understand a word you sayin',
Did ya say my nigga got hit? (in the head),
Did ya say he didn't make it? (is he dead),
Please tell me you know who did this, I'm on my way and somebody's gonna get it
Mash the pettle on the highway-speed in',
and my baby in the back ground - pleadin,
Come home and leave it alone -
It's out of the question girl it's on
What about his new born child,
and u know that he was wild
I don't wanna hear this shit right now, when they just stretched my nigga out



by my name sayin' how you gonna get paid,
No education equals of minimum wage,
Minimum wage equals minimum play,
And you know real niggas wanna play,
Won't you come on and move this way,
School don't garuntee a higher pay,
That's the shit that'll get me locked away,
Man they tryin' to give a nigga all day
Now I'm out here everynight comin' in late,
If you slip then I'm comin' for the take,
It's goin' fast and I need to hit the breaks,
The greater the risk the more you make,
All my thoughts are in the clouds, what about just shuttin' down,
But girl I really can't quit right now,
Notice on the door they tryin' to thow' us out



Although (although),
I was raised right (ooooo),
Still these streets aint nothin' nice they can't change the course of life,
And you know that i know (i know),
That I must grow (must grow),
See my kids grow,
But still the streets is all I know

(chorus 2x's)

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