Turn My Swag On Lyrics

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne - Turn My Swag On Lyrics

ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhaaamm
swagga on azillion
im loui v down like a loui v chamillion
house so big like i live in a building
no chandeliers i got guns hanging from the ceiling

brand new car i divorced the top
see homie you a square imma Porsche box
long hair don't care holla back bitch
im in the bathroom taking me a rich nigga shit

gangsta to the grizzle, swagga on official
im the shit and you, you just a maggot on a tissue
better tell'em im hotter than a Arizona missile
white benz chrome wheels like a napkin on a nickel

young mula baby weezy baby
don't forget tha weezy baby
black card boy make you throw away that visa baby (ha)
you aint on tha planet im on
and i never leave my swaga at home

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