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Manafest - Be Yourself Lyrics

Be yourself man
Be your own girl
What you want huh
Why you concerned Want to be a super star
Like you got hot
It don rain
Just rock
Why not let talk
Of the days growing up things got tuff
Grade 9 is so rough want to be so loved
By the popular kids
When ya walk in the place they all trip
Chicks want to be kissed
In your dreams that are wet
When reality hit
Gravity kicks
Ya phone calls seemed to be missed
It apparent that you starring and comparing your self
You need stop caring, forget everyone else

To be a child forever
Innocent surrendered
Figured out who I want to be
Il just be myself yo!!!

Sitting by the phone again
Wishing it will ring
Watching friends on TV it a trend
Never go out, and no where to go
Lonely in ya home chilling with the 5 year olds
Lonely all alone chilling with your mom at home
I know it ain perfect you
You wanna learn about the bees and the birds in the trees
And your urge to succeed its dream that you have
And all that you got
Come as you are let no one else stop it

I hate when I look around
All I see is a generation dying for love I want peace
It the game you play
You never win
It just not you
Who you gonna be

I don want to be me, I want to be him, be in
Be new school set the latest trends
Fashion expos up to your nose in clothes,
With the models live your life pro like ye maestro
You don want the pressure dog
I telling you, so you better not
Live your life for it, it not better off
Why have strangers depict how you dress
How you feel, it a mess, be real you want respect

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